Wedding Films

A fresh take on wedding videography

Your wedding is more than a gathering of friends and family; it is a moment in your life you want to capture.  I have 5 years of experience providing stunning videography for weddings in a candid, minimal interruption way.  I have 4 popular packages:


  • Full Wedding Day (10 hours of Videographer time)
  • Half Wedding Day (5.5 hours of Videographer time)
  • Pre-Wedding RSVP Cheers Video
  • Adventure Film


My goal of every video is to exceed your expectations and create the best memory of this moment in time.  For some their wedding day is the most important day in their lives and they need it captured with a beautiful video.  Others feel the wedding day will be captured well enough in photos but would still love a video capturing their life in this wonderful time.  I offer very customized packages for any adventurous souls looking to create an original  film capturing their lives outside the wedding day.

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